Civic Plaza Projects

Bloomington Civic Plaza is the municipal campus that includes the Center for the Arts, city hall, and the police, public health, and other departments. In close coordination with the city, Artistry works to make the Civic Plaza a distinctive, vibrant, and memorable place for the thousands of people who visit every year for purposes ranging from registering to vote to attending a public hearing, arts event, or summer farmers' market.

"Come Together"

Aided by Artistry consulting services, the City of Bloomington commissioned longtime Bloomington resident and Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Steve Sack to create a permanent sculptural installation. “Come Together” consists of six sky divers forming a circle as they descend from the Atrium ceiling in the lobby of the Bloomington Center for the Arts. Constructed using traditional papier mâché techniques, “Come Together” embodies Sack’s signature whimsical style while representing a group of people joyfully joining hands to achieve a common goal: building community. The commission was motivated by a smaller version which was displayed in Artistry’s 2014 annual members’ Juried exhibition.

Watch a time-lapse video of the installation:

Art on Loan at Civic Plaza

With the intention to enhance the civic plaza beyond the galleries, Artistry assists the city in selecting artwork for an ongoing, rotating Art on Loan program. The distinctive artwork created by former exhibiting artists is on display throughout the civic plaza on both levels for a two year period. Artistry looks for a diverse group of artwork that represents the ample talents of the Twin Cities art scene. At any one time visitors to the plaza may find bronze or stone sculpture, large scale abstract paintings, ceramic relief wall pieces, representational landscapes, string art installations and more.  Since its inception in the fall of 2012 work has been loaned by artists Ray Becoskie and Caprice Glaser, Megan Bell Honigman, Ta-coumba Aiken, Bryan Young, Linda Deg Lee, Cameron Zebrun, Randy Walker, Steve Hemingway, Eleanor McGough, Laura Andrews, and Todd Bridigum. New work by Becoskie and Glaser as well as Aiken, Dale Peterson, Fred Dingler, and Eric Cornett are currently on view.

Below: Artwork on the second floor of the Civic Plaza. L-R: “Lagoa” by Linda Deg Lee, “Dysfunction #1” by Ray Becoskie and Caprice Glaser, “Southern Cross” by Cameron Zebrun, and “Downriver Skyline” by Laura Andrews.